Minol ZENNER Connect was the key sponsor of the most important LoRa Alliance event of 2019, LoRaWAN Live! and Open House Market Place, in Berlin last month. It was the most successful LoRaWAN Live! run by the LoRa Alliance since its inception with more than 550 visitors coming to see and learn why LoRaWAN has become the leading de facto standard for IoT technologies globally.
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The LoRaWAN Live! event is the crowning highlight of the LoRa Alliance All Members Meeting. During these days, the technical, marketing and certification committees meet to debate, discuss and drive activities forward related to the development and promotion of LoRaWAN. Minol ZENNER Group was well represented in the marketing and technical committees by Dr. Hartmut Ritter, Marcus Kirchdoerfer (both from Minol ZENNER Connect), Dr. Niklas Klein (ZENNER IoT Solutions), Boris Stöckermann (Minol) and Val Jelinic (ZENNER Connect).

The technical committee focused on finalizing the much awaited 1.0.4 version of the LoRaWAN specification whilst the marketing committee continued with its development of marketing strategies targeting verticals in the IoT market. The hot topic for the technical committee was roaming with more and more operators establishing roaming agreements, whether point-to-point or through a roaming hub. Excellent progress was also made by marketing committee members enthusiastic participation in several break-out sessions focused on Smart Cities, Smart Utilities, Smart Agriculture, Smart Buildings and Smart Industry.
The Marketing Task Force Germany (TFG)
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launched in February as an initiative by LoRa Alliance Contributor member Minol ZENNER Group, and lead by Val Jelinic of ZENNER Connect, was instrumental in Berlin being chosen for this calendar event as well as supporting the AMM Planning Committee to invite and organise VIP guests and keynote speakers.
ZENNER International Managing Director, Sascha Schlosser, kicked-off LoRaWAN Live! as keynote speaker setting an entrepreneurial tone that engaged the audience; “we must encourage people to try new technologies, encourage to see new possibilities and, yes, also encourage to make mistakes”
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Marcus Kirchdoerfer, Co-Managing Director of Germanys largest LoRaWAN Network Operator, Minol ZENNER Connect, shared insights and experiences as part of the LoRaWAN Operator Panel, a very popular session of the day.
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Andrea Krämer, Managing Director of Minol Messtechnik, highlighted the various IoT use cases that Minol employed to optimise processes and become more efficient in serving its customers. Additionally, she provided insights into a wide array of future IoT use cases which will be developed by Minol in collaboration with their customers and further expand their customer focused solution portfolio.
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The Open House Market Place welcomed more than 550 visitors and featured more than 30 members of the LoRaWAN ecosystem showcasing their latest products and solutions, with Minol ZENNER Connect set like a diamond in the centre of the room.

The highlight at the end of the day was CEO & Chair of the LoRa Alliance, Donna Moore, taking the time to visit our booth and personally thanking Sascha Schlosser and Boris Stöckermann for the key sponsorship from Minol ZENNER Connect and for the fantastic commitment given by the Minol ZENNER Group whose efforts were a crucial factor in making the event the huge success that it was.
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The whole team of Minol ZENNER Group want to thank everybody very much for supporting and being part of this great event. Especially all the visitors, our customers, VIPs and ecosystem partners, for all your interest, insights, discussions, provided opportunities and upcoming joint projects. Thank you for having us, it was a real pleasure.

Of course we are happy to serve you further in case of any questions, information, meeting requests or potential projects.

For all of you who weren’t able to participate at LWL! Berlin 2019 this time, check out more infos, videos, speeches, panels and presentations shown at LWL! Berlin 2019.